The Pillars of the Lab

Amit Jaiswal.jpg

Group Leader

Amit, known as AJ is the group leader of the AJ Lab. He is an assistant professor in the school of basic sciences, IIT Mandi. AJ is also an associate at The Indian Academy of Sciences.

Shounak Roy

Research Scholar

Shounak is a DST Inspire Fellow in the AJ Lab. He previously worked as a Project assistant in Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder division at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. His area of research includes fabrication of novel 2D-material based nanocomposites for biomedical and environmental applications.


Prem Singh

Research Scholar

Prem is a PhD. scholar in the AJ Lab. He worked as a Team Leader in Quality Control department (Analytical Method Validation) at Cipla Pharmaceutical Ltd. and Panacea Biotec. His area of research includes synthesis of plasmonic nanostructures for SERS sensing,  photothermal therapy and catalysis.

Ankita Sarkar

Research Scholar

Ankita is a PhD. scholar in the AJ Lab. Her research interest includes metal nanoparticle - polymer nanocomposites for drug delivery applications


Keshav Bhardwaj

Research Scholar

Keshav is a PhD. scholar in the AJ Lab. His research interest is in the fabrication of SERS substrate for trace analysis. Before joining the AJ Lab he worked as Junior Scientist at Medanta-The Medicity Hospital, and Research Assistant at Artemis Hospital.

Praveen Kumar

Research Scholar

Praveen is a PhD. scholar in the AJ Lab. His area of research is nanomaterial based biosensors.



M.Tech. Project Student

Aastha is a M.Tech scholar in the AJ lab. Her research work includes analysis of interaction between 2D nano-materials and Biomolecules, for theranostics.

Saheli Sarkar

M.Tech. Project Student

Saheli is a M.Tech scholar in the AJ lab. Her research work is in the area of nanozymes

Alumni of our Lab

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Giredhar Muthiah

M.Tech. Project Student

Giredhar is a M.Tech scholar in the AJ lab. He is working on nanomaterial based cancer theranostics under DAAD sandwich program. 

Aditya Jaiswal

MSc. Project Student

Aditya is a MSc. project student in the AJ lab. He is working on the synthesis and biomedical application of polymeric nanoparticles.


Alumni of our lab


Kriti Shakya

M.Sc. Chemistry

Kriti worked in the AJ lab for her MSc. project (2018-2020). She worked on preparation of aerogels for oil spill removal.


Swachhatoa Ghosh

M. Tech. Biotechnology

Swachhatoa completed her M.Tech. project (2018-19) in the AJ Lab. She is presently doing PhD at IIT Kharagpur.


Ruptanu Banerjee

M.Tech. Biotechnology

Ruptanu worked for his M.Tech Project (2017) in the AJ Lab. Presently he is a PhD student in the  University of Massachusetts Amherst,  USA.


Varnika Yadav

M.Sc. Chemistry

Varnika did her MSc project (2016-18) in the AJ Lab. She is currently a doing PhD at University of Hamburg, Germany.


Pankaj Kumar

M.Sc. Chemistry

Pankaj worked in the AJ lab for his MSc. project (2017-19). He is currently pursuing PhD at IIT Kanpur


Monika Ahlawat

M.Sc. Chemistry

Monika completed her MSc project in the AJ Lab (2016-18). Presently, she is doing PhD at IIT Kanpur.



M.Sc. Chemistry

Sonika worked in the AJ Lab for her MSc project (2016-18), where she synthesized palladium nanorattles for catalytic applications

Present and Past Intern/Project Students


Dr. Ajith Kumar

Intern Student

(2019- 20)



Jitendra Choudhary

Intern Student

(July 2019)

BS-MS Chemical Engineering

IISER Bhopal


Neharika Gupta

Intern Student

(June - July, 2019)

B.Tech. Biotechnology

LPU Phagwara

Srijit_Seal (4).jpg

Srijit Seal

Inspire Intern Student

(March 2019)

Current Position: M.Phil at University of Cambridge

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 12.44.57

Anupam Mondal

Intern Student

(Feb - June, 2018)

MSc. Chemistry, Burdwan University

Current Position: PhD. at University of Burdwan


Virendra Majarikar

Intern Student

(June - July, 2015)

Current Position: Process Development Engineer at Micron Memory Inc., Hiroshima, Japan


Chandrasen Mohite

Intern Student

(2019- 20)

B.Tech. Biotechnology

BITS - Dubai


Kartikay Sadyal

Intern Student

(June - July, 2019)

B.Tech. Chemical Engineering

NIT Hamirpur


Prachi Bhatia

Intern Student

(March - May, 2019)

MSc. Chemistry, IIT Mandi

Current Position: PhD at IIT Roorkee


Dhruba Dhar

Project Student

(May - July, 2017)

Current Position: PhD at IIT Kharagpur


Prathamesh Joshi

Intern Student

(June - July, 2017)

B.Tech. - M.Tech. IIT-BHU

Current Position: Gurgaon- Axtria Analytics


Akansha Tripathi

Intern Project Student

(Jan - June, 2017)

M.Sc. Biotechnology, VIT University